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In November 22 1991, was released one of the most iconic movies from the 90’s, ‘The Addams Family’. The Addams step out of Charles Addams’ cartoons. They live with all of the trappings of the macabre (including a detached hand for a servant) and are quite wealthy. Added to this mix is a crooked accountant and his loan shark and a plot to slip in the shark’s son into the family as their long lost Uncle Fester.

Stars: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, here are some of the curiosities about this movie.

  • By the time this movie was made, all of the adult cast members from The Addams Family (1964) had died except for John Astin, who had played Gomez. Astin also outlived the movie Gomez, Raul Julia, who died in 1994.

  • To make Anjelica Huston’s eyes look slanted like the original Morticia, the make-up artists had to attach strings with spirit gum to the outside corners of her eyes and anchor the strings on her head.
  • The Addams’ house was built for $100,000 (USD).
  • In the television series, Fester was Morticia’s uncle (and hence not technically an Addams), but in the films, he is Gomez’s brother and is referred to as Fester Addams.
  • In the original TV series Grandmama was Gomez’s mother and her name was Eudora Addams. In the films she is Morticia’s mother and her name was changed to Esmerelda Frump (Morticia’s mother in the series was Hestor Frump).
  • Director Barry Sonnenfeld had not originally planned to use the theme music from the television series in the movie. He included it in the opening sequence after positive reactions to the early trailer, which included the theme.
  • The Addams’ family car is a 1932 Packard Twin Six.
  • Cher wanted to play the role of “Morticia”, but Anjelica Huston was cast instead.
  • Tim Burton was originally set to direct. He had worked with both writersCaroline Thompson and Larry Wilson individually. Thompson on Edward Scissorhands (1990) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), and Wilson on Beetlejuice (1988).
  • Universal Studios was interested in purchasing the film from Orion until Paramount acquired it.


Source: Imdb