Jack Schafer, author and former FBI agent compiled several techniques in his book, ‘The Like Switch’ to detect people who are used to lie. Here you can see some of his tips to identify a liar.

– Ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no:

Liars often refuse to answer such questions. Instead, they try to give long, complicated and distorted answers, says Schafer.

Schafer says, “To find out if a person is telling the truth, ask questions that should be answered with yes or no. If the person fails to respond, stay alert. Ask the same question, if tries to give a long and complicated answer. If, finally, you do not get a yes or a no, the chance of the person be lying increases significantly.”

– Pay attention to the word “Well…”

Often, liars use words such to preface your answers, which shows that they are hoping to answer in a way that the interviewer is not expecting.

Schafer says, “If you ask a question that could be answered with a yes or no and the person begins to respond with a word like ‘good’, it is quite possible that the answer is a lie.”

– Ask: “Why should I believe you?”

People who are telling the truth will answer “because I’m telling the truth.”

Liars tend to give more complicated answers, according to Schafer.

Schafer says: “Instead, liars offer answers like ‘I am an hoest person’, ‘do not have to believe me if you do not want’ or ‘I have no reason to lie.”

Source: Yahoo