Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes is regarded as the most important spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Over the course of his long career, Goya moved from jolly and lighthearted to deeply pessimistic and searching in his paintings, drawings, etchings, and frescoes. To celebrate his 270th anniversary, here are some of her most beautiful and important artworks:

Nude Maja, 1797-1800.

The Third of May 1808, 1814.

Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga, 1784–1792.

Saturn Devouring His Son, 1819-1823.

Charles IV of Spain and His Family, 1800-1801.

The Black Dutchess, 1797.

The Parasol, 1777.

Goya Self-portrait, 1796-1797.

Sacrifice to Pan, 1771.

The Milkmaid of Bordeaux, 1825–1827.

Source: FranciscoDeGoya