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In December 14 1990, was released the movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’. The iconic film talk about Edward, a near-complete person, an inventor’s greatest creation, who lives in a castle high on top of a hill. The creator died before he could finish Edward’s hands; instead, he is left with metal scissors for hands. Since then, he has lived alone, until a kind lady called Peg discovers him and welcomes him into her home. At first, everyone welcomes him into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.

Stars: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Vincent Price

Director: Tim Burton

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, here are some of the curiosities about this movie.

  • Edward says only 169 words in the film.
  • The idea for the movie was inspired by a drawing Tim Burton had done when he was a teenager.
  • The neighborhood is based on Tim Burton’s hometown of Burbank in California.
  • Johnny Depp had to lose a reported 25 pounds for the role of Edward Scissorhands.
  • Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and Robert Downey Jr. were all considered for the role of Edward Scissorhands.
  • Johnny Depp was determined to nail the character and refused any cooling agent, even in his all-leather costume.
  • The entire story is meant to be seen through Edward’s eyes, which is why the neighborhood looks so “fantastical.”
  • Edward’s dog haircuts are real.
  • The waterbed scene was one of the only scenes that wasn’t originally in the script.
  • When Caroline Thompson first heard about Edward, a character with scissors for hands, she thought it was “the silliest thing [she’d] ever heard.”
  • Although Tim Burton said this isn’t his greatest film, he said it is his favourite of all his films, and the score is Danny Elfman’s favourite of all his soundtrack compositions.
  • Vincent Price’s role was intended to be larger, but the veteran actor was very ill with emphysema and Parkinson’s disease so his scenes were cut to a minimum.


Source: Imdb