Found in any place, this product have a surprising variety of possible applications, ranging from skin care or even as an ally when cleaning. Here you can see some some suggestions that may be helpful for you:

– Undo node in necklaces
It can be used to facilitate to undo the knot in chains (necklaces, bracelets) only have to sprinkle a little powder on top of the node and use a needle to help separate it.

– Assist in hair removal
By applying talc in the region to be shaved before applying the wax, the powder will help the accession of wax and by, leaving the skin protected and helping to smooth it through its calming effect.

– Restoring antique furniture
If the mobile is smelly, grinding or friction when pulling drawers, simply apply the powder in the timber that the mobile will be like new.

– Ending oily hair
Using the mineral’s absorption capacity, when the hair is oily and there is no time to wash them, you can put some powder on hands and massage the scalp, removing excess with a comb. The powder will absorb the oil and the hair will look as out of the shower.

– Give more volume to hair
If applied to the root of the hair, takes the place of dry shampoo, giving more volume to the hair and helping to shape.

– Calm irritated skin
It can be used to soothe irritated and extra dry skin. If applied in dry areas of the body such as elbows and feet, protects and soothes the region.

– Absorb sweat on hot nights
To prevent the sheets from getting wet of sweat on warm evenings may apply powder among them. In this way the sweat is absorbed and the night’s sleep is the most restorative possible.

– Avoid odor in cat litter box
To spread it in the cat’s litter box, and help absorb urine, talc prevent the stench spread for the environment.

– Restore books with moisture or mold
If books are moldy or damp, it should leave them to dry and then apply the powder in the affected areas, removing excess.

– Amazing Ants
If the insects are annoying, it can make a small barrier to dust and they will give up pierces it. Ants do not like essence and can not pass this barrier due to the density of the powder.

– Soak grease stains
As previously mentioned, for easy removal of grease stains, simply remove the excess with a napkin and apply the powder on the fabric, this will absorb the grease, making it easy to wash.

– Unglued rubber gloves
Is to make cleaning your cleaning gloves are stuck together, the solution is to apply talcum powder in them that the hand between more easily, sliding with the help of the product.

– Get rid of the sand
It can be used both feet, as in the body. The moisture is absorbed by the powder sand, which facilitates the removal just spreading it on the skin. A great tip to be done before getting into the car to avoid dirt during seaside holidays.

– Remove bloodstains
To remove blood stains, a paste with talc and water is prepared and is applied with a cloth on the stain, avoiding rubbing. After 30 minutes just vacuuming the place. As water dilute the stain and the dust absorbs the iron, the stain disappears effortlessly.

– Relieve itching after insect bite
If applied on top of the place immediately after the event, will bring relief for itching from the bite.

Source: DicasdeMulher