Sleep well has been a great ally against various ailments such as Alzheimer combat and prevent change its genetic clock, and now scientists have found that a good night’s sleep helps to recover forgotten or not but forget something new memories.

Researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK, led by psychologist Nicholas Dumay, conducted a test with some participants to try to relate sleep with the memory. For this, they gave 12 new words to memorize them and after 12 hours of sleep, they showed a great advantage to remember the words.

Then did the same test, but this time without sleep each participant and after 12 hours the results were the opposite: the success rate nearly reached zero. According to scientists, or the words they were completely forgotten or they remembered a few meaningless words.

The scientists found that during sleep, the person experiences and points out some important facts that it happened during your day. And this work of the brain helps to reaffirm the recent events in memory, plus you get to promote access to traces of memory that are too weak while you are awake.

Dumay also states that the act of sleep helps to sharpen and strengthen lost memories in our brain, and helps keep it more active in this area. All this is believed that is possible thanks to the hippocampus, which processes, encoding and enables replays of your day while sleeping, making people re-experience the events that lived awake during sleep.

Source: ScienceAlert