Some serial killers have gained fame and notoriety for his horrific methods or the status of crimes never solved. But they can not be compared with these assassins who have left a lot of victims.


Luis Garavito

Victims: 400+

Known as ‘La Bestia’, the Colombian Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos killer admitted to killing and raping more than 130 young boys in the 90’s. Is estimated, however, that the total number of victims could exceed 400. Arrested on April 22 1999 and convicted of 139 murders, received a sentence of the 1853 years and nine days in prison. But in practice, it will be released from prison later this millennium: due to the laws of the Colombian penal system, it can only spend 30 years behind bars. Also, since collaborated in the case, his sentence was reduced to 22 years.


Thug Behram

Victims: 900+

The data differ. Although considered one of the deadliest serial killers of all time, with 931 bottlenecks to his credit, the book ‘Thug: The True Story of India’s Murderous Cult’ points out that the Indian Thug Behram would have been responsible for “only” 125 of these murders. His crimes (undeniably numerous) were committed between 1790 and 1840.


Pedro López

Victims: 300+

Also Colombian, the ‘Monster of the Andes’ Pedro López confessed to killing 110 girls in Ecuador, 100 in Colombia and “well over a hundred” in Peru. All his victims were girls aged between 9 and 12 years. Arrested in 1980 and convicted solely for the killings of 110 young Ecuadorian in 1983, he was released in 1998.


Elizabeth Báthory

Victims: 650+

Elizabeth Báthory had blue blood, but was enjoying seeing red blood flow. The Hungarian was accused of torturing and killing 80 girls, with the help of four. But records indicate that 650 heads of young maidens rolled because of the countess.

Elizabeth was never even tried. But in 1610, the countess was subjected to a sort of “house arrest” in a castle in Slovakia. And he stayed there until his death four years later. Later, texts were found that said in so many words that the countess killed little girls because she liked to bathe in the blood of virgins to retain her youth.


Daniel Barbosa

Victims: 71-150

Born in Colombia, the serial killler Daniel Camargo Barbosa was first arrested in 1964 and convicted of sexually abusing ten women. After 8 years in prison, he was released. The great wave of deaths, which become known as ‘El sadistic del Chanquito’, took place between 1984 and 1986. He admitted to being responsible for the murder of at least 71 girls and women during the period, but authorities believe he may have killed up to 150 people. Sentenced in 1989 to 16 in prison, the maximum penalty Ecuadorian penal system, he was killed in prison in 1994 by a cousin of one of his victims.


Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Victims: 100+

Active in the 60’s and 70’s, Pedro Rodrigues Filho is almost a Brazilian Dexter as the serial killer of the American series, because some of the victims of Pedro Rodrigues are criminals. The mining killer, born in Santa Rita do Sapucai, started killing to 14 years old. He was arrested in May 1973 and, inside the prison, he murdered at least 47 prison mates. Although sentenced to 126 years in prison, Pedrinho would be released in 2003 as the Brazilian law only allows prisoners remain behind bars for 30 years. The deaths inside the prison aggravated his sentence, however, and he was only released on 24 April 2007. In 2011, at age 57, he was arrested again in Santa Catarina, condemned for participating in six riots and false imprisonment, at the time he was still imprisoned.


Gary Ridgway

Victims: 90+

The American serial killer Gary Ridgway was arrested in 2001 for crimes he committed in the 80’s and 90’s officially sentenced for killing 48 women he confessed to killing at least 71 people. Unlike other fellow crime of this list, you should not leave prison soon: in 2003 was sentenced to 48 life sentences without possibility of parole. In addition, by changing evidence, received additional sentence of 10 years for each of the victims. That’s over 480 years behind bars.


Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

Victims: 200+

Besides being the first American serial killer documented, legend has it that Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, killed most of his victims in a “castle”. The hotel, designed especially to accommodate their murderous habits, would have been the scene for at least 27 killings during the second half of the nineteenth century. One suspects, however, that its victims can reach a total of 200 people.


Yang Xinhai

Victims: 65

Invading homes at night, the ‘Chinese Monster Killer’, Yang Xinhai killed 65 people and raped 23 between 1999 and 2003. Convicted of 67 of these crimes, was executed in 2004.


Harold Shipman

Victims: 250+

English physician, the prolific killer Harold Fredrick Shipman killed his victims with lethal doses of diamorphine (known drugs, outside hospitals, as heroin). In 2000 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing 15 patients, but an investigation after his trial called the doctor a total of 250 victims. After interviewing 2500 witnesses and analyze evidence of 270000 pages, we reached the conclusion that this number may be even higher. The discovery led to a series of changes in the British medical system, with greater control of the activities of professionals and drug administration.

Source: SuperInteressante