In the third of her memoirs, comedian and popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres reflects on her career, her life, and gives the reader her thoughts on the world.

If you’re a fan of Ellen DeGeneres’ humor, then picking up her memoir is really a no-brainer. After all, readers know very well they will be entertained and laugh out loud more than once over the course of the book. And ‘Seriously… I’m Kidding’ doesn’t disappoint. Though there are no sordid, juicy details characteristic of a celebrity memoir – and it’s unlikely anyone reading it thought there would be, after all, it’s Ellen – it’s lighthearted and fun, much like Ellen herself.

The book really isn’t a memoir. Instead, it’s sort of an essay collection, but even then, it only loosely relates to Ellen’s life. This is more about Ellen’s random thoughts on a variety of subjects, from how people need to slow down and enjoy life to being a judge on American Idol. It’s great fun, but it’s not the stuff of deep thoughts. It would make a great pick for when you’re in the mood for a whimsical read, perhaps on vacation or a plane ride.

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