The elephant is considered a symbol of good luck, wisdom, persistence, determination, solidarity, sociability, friendship, companionship, memory, longevity, power. So the elephant has many symbols and depending on the culture in which it appears may represent opposite meanings.



Mandala is a sanskrit word for the diagrams or symbolic circles used for meditation exercises, concentration and also in white magic operations. Hindu diagram, called Yantra, the mandala symbolizes the universe, the cosmos, harmony, integration, energy, divine magic. Mandalas tattoos are quite sought after today.


Lotus flower

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, perfection, wisdom, peace, sun, prosperity, energy, fertility, birth, rebirth, sexuality and sensuality. Venerated in many places, from India, China, Japan and Egypt, the Lotus flower long symbolized the creation, fertility and above all purity, as this beautiful flower emerges from the dirty, muddy and stagnant water. It also represents the beauty and the distance it grows without getting dirty in the waters that surround it (the root is in the mud, the stem in water and flower in the sun) which in Hindu belief, symbolizes inner beauty, “live in the world without connect with what surrounds it.”



The pentagram is the symbol of union and synthesis in that the number of the fingers of one end corresponds to the number of senses. The pentacle has been associated since a long time, the mystery and magic. This symbol is undoubtedly the most recognized by all followers of paganism are so old that its origin is unknown. Overall, the pentagram has been used at all times as a talisman.


Rose of the Winds

The Rose of the Winds light and symbolizes luck, and may also mean the need for change, to find a direction, a path to follow. Shows the direction of the four cardinal directions of geographical orientation. The symbol is a complete turn of the horizon, with its cardinal points. The term “Rose of the Winds” arose precisely because of the similarity of the cardinal points with flower petals.


Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus symbolizes strength, power, courage, protection, foresight, health. It is open look and vigilante of one of the Egyptian gods of mythology: the god Horus. The symbol is represented by a human eye, composed of eyelids, iris and brow. The following lines appear tears, which in turn symbolize the pain in the battle in which the god Horus lost his eye. How the Eye of Horus is represented it is also associated with some animals worshiped by the Egyptians, like the cat, the hawk and the gazelle.


Greek eye

The Greek eye symbolizes luck, positive energy, cleaning, health, light, peace, protection. The Greek eye symbolizes the divine look that protects people from evil and envy. Also called Turkish eye, mystic eye and blue eye, “Nazar Bancugu” the Arab “Nazar” is the “look” and “Bancugu” means “rosary account” is an amulet that absorbs negative energy, and cleans and protects against the evil eye, envy.

Source: DicionariodeSimbolos