The Walt Disney Company accepts more than 130 million guests annually at its wonderful Disney Parks and Resorts. Check out these 15 Disney Park Secrets every fan should know.


The tombstones located in the Haunted Mansion feature the faces of a few of the early Disneyland Imagineers. The tombstones are also riddled with many inside joke references.


Epcot was initially designed to be a model community and home to twenty thousand residents. You can still see a diorama of Walt Disney’s vision on the PeopleMover ride.


In the hieroglyphics of the Indiana Jones section of The Great Movie Ride, you’ll see Mickey, Donald, C-3PO and R2-D2. Obviously there were hard-core Star Wars fans involved when the section was created.


Back in the 90’s Toy Story characters used to drop to the ground when guests yelled, “Andy’s coming!” but the practice has been discontinued for safety reasons.


The Tiki Room was originally destined to be a restaurant. That is why it’s the only attraction in the park that includes bathrooms.


It might be hard to believe that such a “heavenly” place for children doesn’t sell gum but the fact is that none of the shops in Disney World sell gum, which is why you will never see any stuck to the rides or sidewalks.


At the end of the Star Tours ride right when you are about to crash into a fuel truck there is a man who ducks and picks up a phone. That man is George Lucas and filmed the scene especially for the ride.


Inside the Matterhorn there is a quarter of a basketball court. Walt Disney did not like to waste any space so he asked the Matterhorn climbers what they would like inside and they voted for a basketball court.


There are several tunnels under Disney World that help employees and cast members move between the different areas so as not to be seen and ruin the magic.


On the Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur ride, there are three pipes in the queuing area with chemical formulas printed on them. These are the formulas for ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.


When visiting Disney World you should look for a wedding ring embedded in the concrete in line at The Haunted Mansion. It’s believed to belong to the hanging bride you see in the stretching room and attic scenes on the ride.

Source: List25