Neck rings

In many tribes, neck rings have been part of important traditions. To elongate their necks, tribal women wear decorative neck rings that push their collarbones and ribs down, twisting them eventually at an angle of up to 45 degrees lower than what is natural.

Teeth sharpening

Human teeth sharpening is the practice of manually sharpening teeth, usually the front incisors. Historically, it was usually done for spiritual purposes, but in modern times, this form of body modification has a mainly decorative function.

Tongue splitting

Also known as tongue bifurcation or forking, tongue splitting is a type of body modification in which the tongue is cut centrally from its tip to as far back as the underside base. Allegedly, some people do it to increase sensations when kissing. Other reasons include novelty, spirituality, and the desire to connect with one’s body.

Bagel head

Pioneered in Canada and now practiced mainly in Japan, bagel head is a body modification in which a saline is injected into a person´s forehead, creating a temporary swelling distortion of the head that resembles a bagel or a doughnut (hence the name).

Eye ball tattooing

But the cornea is not the only part of an eye that can get tattooed. The white of the eye can also be modified. Some people have ornaments tattooed right on their eye balls while others choose to change the color entirely.

Subdermal implant

Originating in 1994, subdermal implant is a method of body modification in which little objects, usually made from silicon or Teflon, are implanted under the skin, creating impressions upon the skin. This process is also known as a 3-D implant, or pocketing.


A suspension is the act of suspending a human body via hooks implanted through body piercing. There are several basic types of suspension such as the coma suspension, the suicide suspension or the superman suspension.

Skin stretching

Skin stretching is a common practice in some African tribes but this body modification has become popular among young people in many Western countries as well. Stretching of the ears, nose and lips are the most common areas to stretch.


Also known as ear pointing, elfing is a body modification meant to give human ears an appearance similar to that of elves or Vulcans. A common method is to remove a small wedge-shaped portion at the top of the ear, and then suture the two edges.

Animal appearance

There have been several people who’ve gone through multiple surgeries and body modifications in order to gain a resemblance to an animal. For example, an American man known as the “Stalking Cat” underwent 14 different surgical procedures to look like a female tiger.

Source: List25