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Not only in the chocolate but also in the cocoa, several ingredients are added that make them fat, with a lot of calories; which can, in case of excessive consumption, lead us to obesity and cause other serious health problems.

So, the best way to enjoy the benefits that cocoa can offer is consuming it in powder and without the addition of sugar.

Currently, the cocoa powder is easily found in the market.



– Antioxidant

Cocoa is a powerful antioxidant (fights free radicals) and therefore prevents premature aging and the appearance of some diseases.

– Improves mood

One of the main benefits of cocoa is being a source of tryptophan, amino acid responsible for the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to well-being.

– Good for the intestine

Helps to regulate the intestine, since it contains flavonoids that serve as food for the probiotic bacteria – which, in turn, receive the intestine.

– Good for the heart

Rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants flavonoids (which fight free radicals), cocoa helps promote cardiovascular health. Also helps to control cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

– Good for diabetes

Cocoa can help people with diabetes because it is related with improvement in insulin action (hormone related disease).

– Weight

Cocoa is rich in polyphenols – substances that in addition to antioxidant (combat the effects of free radicals), is considered thermogenic, so is related to burning fat.



The cocoa powder can be used in a variety of healthy recipes. A good tip is to use in the preparation of cakes, cookies, pancakes, vitamins.

Cocoa is not sweet, so you can sweetener, honey or brown sugar.

The recommended amount for cosume varies from person to person and must be indicated by a nutrition specialist.

Source: DicasdeMulher